12 Volt Winch Control Box V2 - Complete with wireless controller

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  • Type Winches
  • SKU CW-12VCB_N21

This is a 12 volt winch replacement CONTROL BOX, COMPLETE with WIRELESS CONTROLLER. Suitable for CW-12k, CW-95P and CW-17K models only.

The Carbon Offroad 12 volt control box and is an advanced, modern and powerful replacement for your original winch control. This device incorporates a wireless remote that gives you the ability to stay in the cab of your truck but still have complete control over activating or deactivating on site. The carbon offroad 12 volt "control box" also ensures a precise, even amount of power used for every pull as opposed to just one strong one. And unlike the old-fashioned cable, you never have to risk getting tangled from ground level again!