Carbon Offroad Beastline Winch Rope Dog Lead Kit 2m x 8mm Stainless Hardware

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  • Type Winch Rope Dog Leads

Got a BEAST of a dog? 

Need a 6000kg breaking strain dog lead?! 

Want some colour options?

4 new colours to choose from Vibrant Red - Gunmetal Grey - Dazzling Blue - Angry Orange

Comes in a 2 metre length with high quality stainless snap link to quickly and easily attach to your dog one handed. Professionally spliced, sleeved with abrasion resistant polyester tubing for the hand loop and the snap ring loop, this dog lead is the perfect length to maintain control but allow freedom on those walks in the bush or just down the street.

Need to reign the BEAST in? Unlike a webbing dog leash, this rope is easy to handle, chuck a quick bowline in to shorten it up or simply loop it in the hand. Easy to stow, won't rot if it gets wet and hell, if you are in an emergency situation that extra 2m of 6000kg breaking strength rope might just come in handy.