Carbon Offroad Vinyl Window Sticker See through one way 800x800mm BEACH

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The Carbon Offroad vinyl wall banner is a great addition to any retail outlet, showroom, garage or man cave. 

This particular option is 800x800mm in size, it is mainly designed for layup onto a window. It is partially perforated, allowing someone inside to see out, but the outside person to not see through the sticker easily. Perfect for branding on the front of a shop or any glass surface. 

Installation is easy. Measure up and square up your corners,  remove the backing across the top of the sticker to about 100mm down, better with two people, starting from the top, get your corners in position and tension up to get the top of the sticker adhered to the wall. Once the first 25-50mm is stuck on, from the middle outwards press the sticker on the wall and keep the adhesion progress square side to side, to minimise trapping any air bubbles under the media. Continue to work all the way down to the bottom of the sticker. 

Be careful not to pull or tension the vinyl film too much, as it will stretch and sag. Job done!