Land Rover Discovery 3 2.7 4x4 Diesel Power Module Tuning Chip

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Diesel Power Modules has been manufacturing and developing performance chip modules in Germany for over 20 years. With this experience, we have developed a range of performance modules specifically for the Australian 4wd vehicle.

30 Day no questions asked money back guarantee. Buy a Diesel Power Module, try it out for a month, if you do not like it for any reason, return to us for a full refund.

Why Diesel Power �

The modern diesel engine lacks low-end power. To Improve this, Diesel Power has increased low-end torque through active software power programming. This gives you more usable power and torque especially if you�re towing or 4wding.


How it works �  

Diesel Power intercepts signals from the factory ECU and sensors and modulates them using a 64mhz V2 processor. This increases power and torque at set RPM points

Benefits �

  • Simply plug in and go � no dyno tuning required
  • Does not exceed factory ECU settings
  • User adjustable for power and economy

Towing? � Larger Tyres? � Heavy Accessories? � YOU NEED DIESEL POWER!


  • Super fast high quality 64mhz V2 processor � For a smoother power delivery
  • Active Software Programming � Automatically adjusts to suit engine loads
  • 3 Year Warranty � Australia wide � no fuss exchange warranty
  • Simple to Install � 15-30 mins for plug-in modules
  • O.E Style Waterproof Plugs � Model Specific Wiring Looms
  • High-Quality Manufacturing � Made and Developed in Germany
  • User Adjustable � Economy & Power
  • Hi-Impact Case � Robust ABS plastic, dustproof / water resistant
  • Solid State Electronics � Military Grade resin coated heavy duty PCBS
  • E1 & TUV Certified � High-Level European consumer certifications
  • Compliant Emissions � Your vehicle will maintain emissions compliance with module fitted.