Redback Extreme Duty Exhaust DPF Adaptor Kit for Nissan Navara NP300 2.3L Twin Turbo (01/2015 - on)

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Product details

  • Type DPF Adapter Kit
  • SKU NNX54700-PA

Product Specifications:

  • 3" DPF Adaptor Kit to suit existing Redback Extreme Duty DPF Back Exhaust

  • Without Catalytic Converter

  • Sensor Bosses

Features and Benefits:

  • Australian Designed and Made

  • 10-Year Warranty

  • Removable Plug Boss for EGT (1/4" NPT)

  • Extreme Duty Hanger Brackets

  • 4 Bolt, 10mm Thick Flange Plates

  • Pressed Fire Ring Gaskets

  • Coated with Premium Heat Proof Paint

Approximate Fitting Time: 3 HoursDisclaimer:This product is ONLY either for Racing Purposes, Holders of ADR exceptions, Holders of Primary Producer Exemptions within Australia, ADF vehicles, Certain categories of excepted Mining Vehicles OR for Export-destined vehicles that are no longer required to meet ADR standards. Once the product has been installed the vehicle is no longer compliant with relevant ADR norms and therefore should not and cannot be operated whether On-Road or Off-Road within Australia (Unless one of the above conditions apply).

It is incumbent upon you (the owner - operator of the vehicle) to check and ascertain if the vehicle meets regulatory requirements of Australia and/ or the destination country after the product has been installed. It is your responsibility to check your insurance cover and vehicle warranty once this product has been installed.