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Based on the classic game where you shout “Spotto!” upon sighting a yellow car, the Spotto Book Classic features 88 yellow objects to spot, including cars, buses, trucks, bikes, boats, signs, and more.

Suitable for all ages, this game offers hours of entertainment and will keep you engaged during even the longest trips. So are you up for the challenge? 


    Experience the ultimate camping adventure with Spotto Camping; the perfect companion on the road and at your campsite! Keep your little ones entertained by challenging them to count cicada shells, crabs, lizards, frogs, horses, possums, and kangaroos while you unwind and enjoy the great outdoors.

    This interactive and educational book is packed with fun facts and questions about Australian birds, making it the perfect tool to keep your kids engaged and learning. Ready to spot them all? 


    Get ready to explore Australia like never before! Spotto Books Australia Edition is the ultimate travel buddy that will take you on a thrilling adventure from coast to coast. Discover iconic landmarks, rare animals, and hidden gems as you search high and low. With Spotto Books Australia, your family will be entertained for hours on end. So, are you up for the challenge?

    Road Signs

    Make the car ride enjoyable by looking out the window and spotting all Road Signs as you travel through towns, cities and outback Australia in this fun book. Filled with photographs of road works signs, speed camera signs, animal warning signs and speed limit signs. It is a great introduction to what all the signs mean.

    Road Signs keeps them engaged while increasing their memory, awareness of their surroundings and simple road rules.