Will 33-inch tyres fit on a 2-inch lift for Toyota Hilux N70?

Yes, 33-inch tyres can indeed fit on a vehicle with a 2-inch lift, provided certain conditions are met. To ensure proper fitment, it's recommended to pair the 33-inch tyres with a rim featuring a +10 or +20 offset. Additionally, opt for a tyre width of 285mm. This combination helps accommodate the larger tyres without encountering rubbing or clearance issues.

Moreover, achieving a good wheel alignment is essential. Specifically, focus on adjusting the caster forward as much as possible during the alignment process. This adjustment optimises the positioning of the front wheels, also allowing for my clearance from the body mounts.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can successfully accommodate 33-inch tyres on a vehicle with a 2-inch lift for Toyota Hilux N70, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics are maintained.