Product Terms & Conditions

In the event of an electrical fault, controller failure or general manufacturing fault, 4x4oc is not liable & takes no responsibility where self harm is caused (product warranty terms still apply). 

Where products are listed as "off-road use only" and "non-ADR approved" they are strictly to be used for off-road use only.  These products are not to be used on public roads. It is the consumers responsibility to use their discretion when modifying their vehicles and ensure the vehicle is used in a safe and legal manner.

All electrical products sold by 4x4oc must be installed by a qualified professional (auto electrician). In the event of a product failure resulting into damage of any property, 4x4oc is not liable to cover any losses. In the event of product failure casing harm, injury or any bodily harm, 4x4oc is not liable. 

The installation of any aftermarket part on your motor vehicle may void or affect your factory warranty, insurance as well as violate laws and regulations in your state. It is your responsibility to check and understand the legalities behind legally modifying your vehicle.