Hilux is a trademark of Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha (Toyota Japan) and Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited (Toyota Australia) collectively referred to as “Toyota”. Click here for more details.


The Hilux Owners Club (HOC) & 4x4 Owners Club (4X4OC) is in no way associated with Toyota or its related companies. The content and images displayed on this web site are contributed by HOC Family, HOC Followers and Members (collectively referred to as "Followers") of the Hilux Owners Club and are the property of the Hilux Owners Club & 4X4OC

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The objects of HOC & 4X4OC are, to:

  • Share the Hilux™ and 4x4 love amongst our followers;
  • Network with followers;
  • Increase our follower base;
  • Promulgate the love for Hilux™ and 4x4s worldwide;
  • Foster a worldwide community of followers;
  • Build life-long relationships with our followers; and
  • Continue to build our 4X4OC product offering to supply high quality products to our target market (of all makes and models).

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