2ft LED Whip Lights

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  • Type Spiral Whips

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Whether it's a Sand Flag during the day or Mood Lighting at night our Bushdoof LED Chasing Whips will make you stand out on the tracks!

These 2-foot LED Whips are designed with a quick release mounting system. Attach them once you hit the dirt & pack them up just as easily! All LED Whips include a Bushdoof Sand Flag and Remote. 

Designed to be mounted via a 10mm hole, you can mount them almost anywhere!

You can Select colours, Create your own modes & Sync them with multiple LED Whips, or with any of our other compatible products (Party Lights, LED Whips, Rock Lights & More), all via our easy to use Bluetooth App. The RGB's can also be controlled via the included remote.

Our Single option comes with a single Whip Light & a single plug Controller, where as our Pair option comes with two Whip Lights & a twin plug Controller.