Carbon Send-It UCA - Nissan Navara D40 NP300 (D23) upper control arms

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Want the hotest looking UCA's on the market ?

Get a set of Carbon Send-IT Upper Control Arms to complete your build!

Your mates will definitely notice that you have a set of Carbon Send-It UCA'S with its bright red finish.

Go Full Send with Carbon Send-It UCA's


Why do you need  Upper Control Arms?

When you are lifting your 4wd it alters the wheel alignment and this will lead to premature tyre wear and affect the handling of your 4wd if not dealt with.

This gives the room to have adjustment in higher 4WD lifts and the ability to get the alignment correct at this higher height.

For strut lengths in excess of 433mm this may require modification as it may foul on the coil tower.

Clearancing may be required to make the UCA work.

When it comes time to lift or modify your IFS 4wd vehicle the first sign of trouble is usually the alignment and handling of the front suspension. While minor adjustments can usually be done with the lower camber bolts, bigger lifts will need a lot more!

Another problem many find is that once a longer travel shock or a spring package that allows increased travel is fitted, the upper control arms may contact the chassis or the spring itself. A steeper angle on the upper control arm moves the steering knuckle inboard and increases the angularity on the ball joints, sometimes maxing out their movement.

With a raised suspension height, the OEM upper ball-joint is forced to operate at an extreme angle and wider tires may not clear the factory upper control arms. An over-stressed OEM ball-joint also has the potential to separate or break, leading to catastrophic failure of suspension, steering, and CV axle. The preferable solution is to replace the factory upper control arm with a newly designed arm, which allows greater clearance for the thicker or heavier aftermarket coils generally required to lift the vehicle.

The Carbon Send-IT Upper Control Arms feature quality ball joints and high-quality rubber bushings, they are designed to correct alignment angles while maintaining factory ride quality. the H/D steel design provide the strength and durability needed for the most demanding environments.

Notes :

- Does not include Installation guide or manual

- Recommended for professional Installation 

- Fits only 4WD Model &  2"+ Lift 

- When installing these control arms, please raise your vehicle's knuckle to make the control arm sit at ride height before tightening the inner control arm bushing. This will extend the life span of the bushing and prevent preload on the bush. 

You might need to increase the size of your wheels to fit this item.

Requires clearance between top of ball joint and the inside of the wheel.