HiLux Owners Club Universal Neoprene 2x Front Seat Covers

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  • Type Universal Neoprene Front Row Seat Covers
  • SKU UFO-15FS B/C (A-HOC)

HiLux Owners Club Universal Seat Covers

Made by Razorback 4x4 using their Genuine Sakimotto Neoprene. This neoprene is UV resistant, water resistant and easy to clean. Perfect for protecting against every day wear and tear, all the while improving comfort. To ensure these covers suit as many models as possible, the headrest plug holes must be cut out once the covers are on the vehicle.

When installing, ensure seat cover airbag seam matches up with the vehicle seat airbag seam 

Current supported models:
Most vehicles with removable headrests and Front Bucket seats
Does not support:
Vehicles with Integrated headrests or Bucket and 3/4 Bench front seats