Orange Tree Trunk Protector - 12,000kg 5m 75mm

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Don't leave a bark. 

An absolute must - Australia has the most beautiful Trees, let's look after them!

Trees are the most popular anchoring point for 4WD recoveries. But simply looping your winch rope around the base of a tree will lead to damage and scarring, even on the biggest trees as we see tons of force applied to a thin rope or wire. 

This 75mm tall tree protector ensures equal distribution to protect the tree and the two end loops are rounded to for easy and safe soft shackle rigging. 


  • 75mm width
  • 5 Meters long (for huge Australian trees - 3 meters doesn't cut it)
  • 12,000kg 
  • 100% Polyester
  • Repeated usages 



  • Wrap around the base of large trees and use a D shackle or soft shackle to connect the two end loops to your winch rope thimble or hook. 
  • Ensure loops are facing winch when slack. Any angling will result in rotation/slip with high friction and torque applied to the bark when tightening. 
  • Avoid solvents/de greases when cleaning. Wash down clean with a garden hose or submerge in a bucket with soapy water such as PH neutral car wash.
  • Store internally on your 4WD out of direct UV sun light for maximum longevity.