PDX MK4 9.5/12K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500/ 12,000lb

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PDX MK4 - Now Shipping 📦

In 2017, we witnessed the disappointing flaws of supposedly premium winches. Their cost-cutting designs included subpar 15mm2 wiring, insufficient for loads requiring 400+ amps. Determined to create something superior, we embarked on a new mission.

In 2019, we introduced the PDX: a game-changing winch with an all-alloy design. This revolutionary innovation not only achieved lighter weight and enhanced strength but also offered easier clutch rotation, improved fitment, and simplified servicing. 

Today, we proudly present the pinnacle of our advancements: the PDX MK4.

Experience reliable performance with our ultra thick 50mm2 wiring, boasting over 8 times less resistance than others. Enjoy enhanced connectivity with three operational remotes included. Stunning all black wiring provides a stealthy look. Retaining pins hold the mounting nuts in place for easier installation where as others slide out as you lift the winch into place. 

PDX MK4 Updates

Unmatched power

  • New Ultra heavy duty 50mm2 cross sectional wiring with black protective sheathing.
  • Ultra heavy duty Rugged 600A Solenoid.
  • New terminal post layout for easier wire connections.

More Connectivity

  • Mud-proof, recessed sockets for stronger controller connections in all conditions.
  • Industry first y-splitter allowing multiple control connections (In-cab + wired hand control + wireless remote)
  • New universal in-cabin rocker switch control.
  • Updated control box bracket allows control box to be mounted externally with less bolts. 

New Accessories

  • Updated orange hook strap and remote lanyards. 
  • All outdoor-rated metal badges. 
  • Updated solid cross brace with IntegraPort design for future accessory integration.
  • Pre-fitted mounting nuts for easier installation. 
  • New lighter-weight packaging for Australia-wide residential courier delivery.
  • Updated orange breather valve hose kit.

Free Courier Delivery Australia Wide📦

PDX Mk4 - 12,000lbs / 5443 KG / 

PDX Mk4 - 9,5000lb / 4318 KG

  • 90º Rotatable clutch housing design for easy access 
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • 7 Year Electrical winch Warranty
  • 7 Year Water Ingress Warranty
  • Wired and wireless hand remote included
  • Winch hook with strap
  • Fairlead included
  • 235:1 Three stage planetary gearbox
  • Gears made from 42CrMo Alloy Steel
  • Rugged 600A Solenoid - IP67 Waterproof: Extension Wiring Relocation Kit Available (beware of exaggerated figures).
  • Battery Isolation Switch - Safety Key
  • 25Mx10.0mm 16,800lbs rated rope
  • 20.16kg Light Weight with synthetic rope. 22.5kg With Controller box, wiring and bolts.