PVS Performance Intercooler Fan Kit to suit Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series / 200 Series **PRE-ORDER FOR JULY**

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  • Type Intercooler Fan Kit

Fans: Maradyne USA 10" 12V

Fan Output: 950CFM x 2 (1900CFM Total)

  • Toyota 76 Series LandCruiser Wagon (2007-2024)
  • Toyota 78 Series LandCruiser Troop Carrier (2007-2024)
  • Toyota 79 Series LandCruiser Dual Cab Ute (2007-2024)
  • Toyota 79 Series LandCruiser Single Cab Ute (2007-2024)

Controller: Davis Craig Digital Thermatic Fan Switch

The issue with the OEM top mount intercooler on all 70 Series and 200 Series LandCruisers is that it purely relies on air flow from the bonnet scoop. This is fine at highway speed but at low crawling speeds or city driving the cooler suffers due to a lack of airflow, this seriously compromises the efficiency of the intercooler. Real world testing proved that without the PVS Performance Thermo Fan Package the OEM intercooler suffered from heat soak which seriously compromised performance. 

PVS have worked together with a local Australian Company and designed a direct bolt-on alloy shroud and twin thermo fan kit that will fit both the OEM and Aftermarket intercoolers, this kit fits under the OEM bonnet and requires zero cutting. The high performance fans force air down through the core, greatly improving performance across the board and eliminating heat soak while driving at lower speeds.

  • Improved Low Speed Performance

  • Fits OE and Aftermarket Intercooler

  • Includes Wiring Harness

  • Activated by Temperature probe (Easy installation - No switch needed) 

Made in Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia

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