Redback Extreme Duty for Mitsubishi Triton MQ/MR (05/2015 - on)

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Muffler option

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  • Type 4x4 Exhaust System
  • SKU MTX32800-PO
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Level up your Triton with one of the most popular Redback kits sold! This Extreme Duty 4x4 Kit takes the Triton's sound to a whole new level, adding depth and more turbo spool (especially with the Pipe Only option). Less restriction on airflow makes a noticeable difference in performance and efficiency. If you want your Triton to sound tough, this is the gear for you.

Product Specifications:

  • 3" DPF Back Exhaust

  • Available Sound Options include 11"x6" Large Straight Through Muffler, 5" Round Straight Through Resonator or Muffler Delete (Pipe Only)

Features and Benefits: 

  • Australian Designed and Made

  • 10-Year Warranty

  • 409 Stainless Steel Tube

  • 4 Bolt, 10mm Thick Flange Plates

  • Extreme Duty Hanger Brackets

  • Removable Plug Boss for EGT (1/4" NPT)

  • Pressed Fire Ring Gaskets

  • Coated with Premium Heat Proof Paint

Aftermarket Accessories: No known fitment issues

Approximate Fitting Time: 1 Hour