Suitable for Isuzu D-MAX (2021+) - Rhinohide Armor® Rear Tailgate Protector

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Product details

  • Type Vehicle Panel Protection


Rhinohide Armor® is the World’s Toughest Vehicle Protection:

  • Australian designed and patented Rhinohide Armor® system.
  • Precision moulded 2mm ABS panel which provides unmatched protection from stones and flying debris while towing trailers and caravans.
  • Tried and tested in Australia's harshest environments and rated up to 120 km/hr on-road.
  • Easy self-installation with NO DRILLING required. 
  • Armor Lock® Suspension Technology prevents damage from heavy brush, branches, stone chips as well as doors and trolleys in car parks.
  • Armor Lock® Attachment system with tamper-proof security locking key enables panels to be detached and reattached in minutes.


Rhinohide Armor® is the World’s Toughest Vehicle Protection for use both on and off-road. The new Rhinohide Armor® system is road rated up to 120km/hr*, so you can set and forget and enjoy protection from the carpark to the countryside!

Made from UV stabilised 2mm ABS, Rhinohide Armor® panels are specifically designed to protect your vehicle against dents and scratches and can be detached and reattached in minutes. The proprietary Armor Lock® panel attachment system provides additional shock absorption and ensures a small air gap is maintained between the vehicle panel and Rhinohide Armor®, to allow your paintwork to “breathe”. The air gap further protects your paintwork by allowing the Rhinohide system to absorb larger impacts. 

*up to ambient temperature of +40 C 

Model Compatibility

  • Designed for compatibility with the ISUZU D-MAX (LS-U, LS-M, SX & X-Terrain)
  • Model run 2021 onwards.


  • Black

Included in Kit

Rhinohide Armor® Kit Includes:

  • Rhinohide Armor® Rear Tailgate Protector
  • Armor Lock® Attachment system
  • Armor Lock® Security Locking Key
  • Microfibre cloth  

Panel Materials

  • 2mm High impact, UV and Thermally Stabilised Precision Moulded ABS Plastic.

Attachment Method

  • Rhinohide Armor Lock® Suspension Technology with no installation tools or drilling required. This patented system enables hassle-free self installation and trace-free removal.

Customisation Compatible

  • Rhinohide Armor® Rear Tailgate Protector is fully customisable, and can be painted or custom wrapped with graphics. Logos or other stickers can be applied.
  • We recommend a professional sign-writer or spray shop for best results.

Weight (packed)

  • ≈2.0kgs

Dimensions (packed)

  • 145cm x 55cm x 4cm

Speed Rating

  • The new Rhinohide Armor® Rear Tailgate Protector, with our proprietary Armor Lock® attachment system, is road-rated up to 120km/h ), so you can set and forget and enjoy protection from carparks to the countryside!
Ambient Temperature Rating 
  • Temperature Rated for -30C to +40C (for ambient temperatures above 40C not suitable for on-road use)