Supernova 8.5" Cover- Rogue 8.5 " mk1/2 and Infinite 8.5"

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  • Type LED Globes
  • SKU snlhexcvr-BT

Full Modularity - Snow, Rain, Fog or Dust.   Go Prepared!

For maximum versatility, we extended our range of covers for our Infinite 8.5 LED Driving Lights for all conditions. 

  • Horizon Flood covers for maximum spread - 180? of edge-to-edge flood
  • Amber Covers for snow, rain, fog or dusty conditions
  • Blackout Covers for holstered, urban areas and mud protection
  • Clear protective cover for race environments

Sold individually. 

Horizon Flood Cover
Reaching new distances the Infinite 8.5 takes reign on high ways but can often be outright excessive in tighter conditions. With so much power to work with, we were able to drastically increase flood across the entire beam length with almost unnoticeable change in maximum distance. These new horizon covers modify the beam pattern to provide further flexibility and ensure you have the best beam pattern per adventure. Easily installed in seconds, run one or both for maximum control.

  • 180? Projected Coverage - Edge to Edge 
  • Wider Spot Beam Pattern - Unlock the whole Horizon
  • Increased Flood Intensity - Higher Visibility off the road
  • UV Coated - No Yellowing, Hazing
  • GE Lexan PC - Hardened, added protection
  • Easily Installed - Clips on and off in seconds